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New Year Eve's In Mercure
As one of our loyal customers, Mercure Bandung asked if we want to help them host their New Year's eve Party, and so ofcourse we say Yes! So we send couples of our team helping them hosting, promoting our products, also giving product knowledge to the visitors and ofcourse having a lot of fun spending the New Year's eve with the Mercure team and all visitors in the last night of

West Java Coffee Festival
West Java Coffee Festival is a way of West Java Government to promote West Java's finest coffee to Indonesia, Coffee Business owner, and the World. As part of West Java and Indonesia we ofcourse support the event in anyway we can. Not just opening a booth and brewing west java's finest coffee bean for the West Java Coffee Festival visitors, but also provide two of our best espresso

Maxindo Coffee Fun Fact
Starting from  October 6, 2015, we have coffee fun facts posted every day at our facebook page :, and also at our Instagram : @maxindojaya. Get more knowledge about coffee and share it to your friends by following our facebook page and instagram.  We'll be posting 2 coffee fun fact