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Maxindo Coffee Fun Fact
Starting from  October 6, 2015, we have coffee fun facts posted every day at our facebook page :, and also at our Instagram : @maxindojaya. Get more knowledge about coffee and share it to your friends by following our facebook page and instagram.  We'll be posting 2 coffee fun fact

In the modern business era, we constantly hear the terms core values, mission statements and culture and we have integrated them in the business language among many other terms. But what are company core values? Why are they so important? Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the company values.  They are the essence of the company’s identity

Mixtura Summer Program
Mixtura drinks gives you a chance to go to bali !   Outlets’ terms & conditions: 1. Select flavour from our selected flavours ( Mango, Strawberry, Red Apple, Blueberry, Honeydew Melon) 2. Buy 1 set (3 bottles of Mixtura) with same flavor for the program. 3. Put Mixtura tent card in your outlet as a signage of participation. 4. Recommend the guest to